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EVM + UTXO compatibility forged by Fusion

What is Apex fusion?

Apex Fusion is a blockchain platform that combines the world of UTXO and accounts-based models to make a best-in-class foundation for Web3 accessible to everyone.

Our ecosystem brings together battle-tested technology from across the blockchain space to ensure security, scalability, and transaction speed for our builders everywhere.
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    Battle-tested technology

    Apex Fusion is built using technology which supports currently functioning blockchain networks. This means that it works from day one.

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    Regulatory compliant

    The legal landscape is in constant flux. Apex Fusion's team of experts in Europe, North America, and the Middle East ensure compliance from the very beginning.

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    Merging ecosystems

    The crypto space is dominated by great ideas kept in small boxes, we're building a foundation where everyone can build together using the best concepts from the UTXO and EVM world.

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    Foundational Architecture

    The future will run on an interoperating constellation of blockchains. Apex Fusion's foundational tri-chain architecture is only the beginning. More chains and greater utility is on the horizon.

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    What is Apex fusion used for?

    Foundations are made to build on. Apex Fusion is a foundation which combines the best technology in Web3. By making it available to entrepreneurs, users, and developers in a single network Apex Fusion aims to unlock the value of decentralization for everyone.

Who is Apex Fusion built for?


Anyone building in Web3 needs a secure foundation to grow their business. Apex Fusion empowers creators by using best-in-class technology to offer unparalleled performance.


With high transaction throughput, security, and decentralization, Apex Fusion ensures a seamless user experience.


Built on transparent, open source code, Apex Fusion is an ecosystem for everyone. Bring your project to the ecosystem or start something new.

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